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We are calling this initiative STEAMTeams because we want high schoolers and middle schoolers to work together to make this happen. High school students have an opportunity to share their knowledge of the topic with the middle school kids who in turn have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through video to elementary school kids who then have the fun of watching kids from their same district do fun science experiments.

  • Looking for more MS kids to make the videos and HS students to help offer advice on making the videos.
  • Zoom meetings will start October 20 at 6:30 with a parent meeting to go over the logistics of the initiative and get the permission to record forms signed.
  • The rest of the meetings (10/27, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19) will start with a short presentation on an aspect of making Youtube videos, tips for recording, etc. and the rest will be Q&A, kids should come with questions.

If interested, email

Being an RCS ScienceTuber is easy.

  1. Pick a science experiment that you want to share with other RCS kids.
  2. Join STEAMTeams to learn about videomaking from high school mentors.
  3. Film yourself completing the experiment.
  4. Get you parents' permission to post the video on YouTube, sign the CONSENT TO RECORD Form, and send it to
  5. Upload your video using the STEAMTeams Form.
  6. Sit back and wait to see you hard work published on YouTube.

Video Guidelines:

  • Experiment should use common household items.
  • Show title of experiment on the screen.
  • Each video should be 2-10 minutes long.
  • Deadline for Video Submission is November 23.
  • Go SLOWLY so viewers understand what is needed in the step.
  • Pause at least once in the instruction to ask the audience what they think will happen.

Video Outline:

  1. Introduction and title of experiment
  2. List of materials
  3. Explain experiment, ask question, make hypothesis
  4. Provide Step-by-step instructions plus demonstration
  5. Explain the science behind the experiment -- What is the result? Why did it happen?

Email for more information.


We are also looking for high school students to conduct short interviews with STEAM professionals to use on a STEAMCareers YouTube Channel. This is a virtual option to replace the in-person event, the STEAM Career Exploration Fair. The committee can supply contacts for area professionals, we’re asking students to reach out to professionals, schedule interviews, conduct the interview and edit a 2-5 minute video of the footage.

Video Guidelines:

Title screen should have person’s first name and career, e.g. mechanical engineer, interface designer.

Have the person you interview sign the  CONSENT TO RECORD Form, and send it to

Email for more information.

Suggested Interview Questions:

1. What are the educational requirements?

2. What is the beginning salary and salary range over the life of career?

3. What does a normal day look like? What jobs/activities are involved?

4. How/why did you choose this career? At what age did you make that decision?

5. How has the job/field changed since you started?

6. How has technology affected your career? Have you needed additional training to be effective in your job?

7. What are your work hours/days?

8. What is your work environment like?

9. How has the pandemic changed how you work?


Virtual School Science Presentations