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Chinese Strategic Plan

As part of its dynamic strategic planning process, Rochester Community Schools is pleased to introduce Chinese language and culture exposure in all of its elementary schools as well in middle schools at seventh grade. Chinese has emerged as a language of great prominence in the world in which we live. During the 2014-15 school year all first, second, and third graders received 30 minutes per week of instruction. Seventh graders received a two week block as part of the Introduction to World Language course. The instruction focused around cultural exposure as well as vocabulary and language concepts including characters.  During the 2015-16 school year, Chinese language and culture exposure will be expanded to grades 1-4 with a continuation of the 7th grade Introduction to World Language exposure. Our teachers are Chang Liu, Jing Bao, Emily Hung, Zhecheng Tang, and Wenji Yuan

  • Liu Laoshi teaches at Brewster, Long Meadow, McGregor, and Musson
  • Bao Laoshi teaches at Baldwin, Brooklands, and North Hill
  • Hung Laoshi teaches at Delta Kelly, Hugger, and University Hills
  • Tang Laoshi teaches at Brewster, Hamlin, Hampton, and Meadow Brook
  • Wenji Yuan teaches Chinese 1 at Hart and 7th Grade Introduction to World Language at Hart, Reuther, Van Hoosen, and West

Please see the individual teacher's folders below for more information about your students' specific instruction.