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All of our gymnastics offerings are through the Gymnastics Training Center. They offer several levels that will help your child develop physicall, mentally, and socially. Their class offerings include Parent & Tot (age 2-3), Level 1 (age 4-6), Level 2 (age 4-6), and Advanced Gymnastics (age 7-11).

Karate is not simply punching, kicking, blocking and self-defense techniques. Karate is an art that promotes mental and physical development. Originally aimed towards life preservation, today people have their own set of reasons for wanting to train: Self-defense, tournament competitions, physical fitness, etc. Whatever your reason, you will find a great community with knowledgeable instructors that will challenge you and help you reach your goals. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are offered.

We also offer many sports and fitness activities for children through our BASES, Intramural, and Summer Camp programs. Our Aquatics program is another great way to keep you children active while learning a new skill.