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Our adult fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape, maintain good cardiovascular health, and help you meet your personal fitness goals. All classes are intended for all skill levels, fitness levels, and anyone over 18 (unless otherwise noted).


Karate is not simply punching, kicking, blocking and self-defense techniques. Karate is an art that promotes mental and physical development. Originally aimed towards life preservation, today people have their own set of reasons for wanting to train: Self-defense, tournament competitions, physical fitness, etc. Whatever your reason, you will find a great community with knowledgeable instructors that will challenge you and help you reach your goals. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are offered.


On Friday nights during the school year, we offer drop-in intermediate co-ed volleyball. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with other volleyball players in the area. Participants must know the rules of play and be able to make legal contact with the ball. Check out their Facebook group! The cost is $6 per person per night, or discount punch cards available with 10 punches for $50.

Even though Yoga is 5000 years old, it is still relevant today as we look for balance in our bodies (flexibility and stability), in our minds (openness and focus) and our hearts (calmness and liveliness). We access these levels through physical postures, breathing and how we use our attention. Beginning and experienced students welcome. You will need to bring a blanket and a mat.