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What is Junior Great Books?

Junior Great Books (JGB) is a wonderful national program of classic and modern literature that promotes reading comprehension, critical thinking, and lively discussion. To learn more about this National program, please go to their website at: http://www.greatbooks.org

Who can participate in JGB?

At North Hill, Junior Great Books is for students in 1st-5th grades. There is a cost of $19 for the Student Anthology Book that contains all the stories/pieces of literature the students will read. There are limited PTA owned copies of the anthology that may be borrowed and returned.

When does JGB meet?

Student grade level groups meet with a parent volunteer once a week for six weeks during their grade level lunch and recess time (students bring a sack lunch to eat during the meeting). JGB usually begins each year after mid-winter break. Look for flyers to sign up in January!

What do students do?

Students read a piece of literature from their Junior Great Books Anthology and come prepared to discuss what they have read at the meetings. Usually students are asked to read the piece more than once to deepen their understanding. Sometimes students are given questions or materials from their leader to help guide their thoughts or prepare them for the discussion. The discussion focuses on the concept of "Shared Inquiry Discussion" and helping student learn to read for meaning to support their own interpretation of the text.

How can parents get involved?

Parent Volunteers are needed to make JGB a success! The more parents we have volunteer, the more groups we can have! Parents are given a Leader's Guide to use with the literature pieces and suggested discussion questions. Parents also meet for a short one time training session with the other volunteers before their first session with students. On average, parent volunteers spend 45 minutes a week preparing for their discussion group.

More Details: If you would like more information on the program or have any questions, please contact Kelly Lount at Klount@gmail.com

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