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Welcome to the North Hill Art Room!

Keith Haring Dance Figures
Hello and welcome to the North Hill Art Room! My name is Ms. Caruso and I am thrilled to lead our North Hill students on an artful journey where we will explore various art mediums and techniques as well as art movements both historical and contemporary.

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Happy 200th Birthday Rochester!

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Recent Projects

Fifth Grade Agamographs
These works were inspired by Yaacov Agam, a world-renowned kinetic artist. Agam pioneered a new form of art that contemplates progress, time, and the role of the viewer. Agam has become one of the most influential modern artists since his first solo exhibition in 1953. He encourages viewers to reflect on artistic creation and the spiritual values of society through transformative art. His works are collected worldwide and he has participated in major museum exhibitions all over the world. https://www.parkwestgallery.com/artist/yaacov-agam/
View from left
View from left
View from center
View from center
View from right
View from right
Fourth Grade Symmetrical Dragon Masks
This project was inspired by the Chinese New Year. Students created a Collaged Dragon Mask with the use of symmetry. Vocabulary: Symmetry, Balance, Mirror image, Burnish, Reflect, Organic and Geometric Shape, Primary, Secondary and complimentary color, Stylized, Symbolism, and Line of symmetry.
Fourth Grade Symmetrical Dragon Masks
Fourth Grade Symmetrical Dragon Masks
Second Grade Origami Winter Fox Collage
Students created and Origami fox head and cut out a fox body for this collage. They also used sharpie marker and oil crayon.
Origami Winter Fox Collage
Origami Winter Fox Collage
Kindergarten Snow Friends
Kinder Snow Friends
Kinder Snow Friends
Kindergarten Self Portrait
Kinders created self portrats by drawing themself with crayon and then creating a painted background and picture frame using texture plates, paint and crayon resist.
Kinder Self Portrait
Kinder Self Portrait
ASD Marble/Hutton's Class
Students helped to color and assemble these projects. These pieces were created by painting a backround with crayon resist. Cut paper was also used to assemble the collage and then it was colored in areas with crayon.
The Snowy Day and Curious George in Space
The Snowy Day and Curious George in Space

North Hill Art Room Schedule

Please make sure that your student is dressed appropriately for the art room! While all materials are washable and students wear paint shirts, accidents can happen and some stains may occur. For stains, I recommend applying stain remover or detergent directly on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash the garment and repeat until the stain is completely removed, and then stick it in the dryer.


Art Room Schedule

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Rochester Community Schools 2018 District Art Show

Rochester Community Schools 2017 District Art Show

Art to Remember

Your awesome artwork on great products. Thank you for your support! Looking forward to next years projects.

Authors in April

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