( or listen to )



1.  I can STOP AND THINK about what I read.


2.  I can MAKE CONNECTIONS to myself,

        other books, and the world around me

        with what I read.


3.  I can ASK QUESTIONS before, during and

        after reading, and search for answers.


4.  I can MAKE PREDICTIONS to think about

         what will happen next.


                 Before and during reading, we can predict what will happen as we read.  We can use questions as a guide for making predictions.

The following questions are suggested prompts.


Before Reading:

·        I think this story will begin with _______.

·        I think _______ will happen in this story.

·        I think the story will take place _____.

·        By the cover of the book, I think ______will happen.



During Reading:


·        I think _______ will happen next.

·        I think _______  will happen it ______.


After Reading:


·        I would like to see the author write about _______  next.


·        I disagree with what the author said when_______.


·        I thought the character _______ was ________   because ____________.




5.  I can VISUALIZE  what I read by using all

       of my senses to create a picture in my mind.


6.  I can INFER as I read between the lines to      

       draw conclusions and understand the theme.


7.  I can DETERMINE THE MOST IMPORTANT IDEAS as I make sense of what I read.


8.  I can SYNTHESIZE ideas with what I already know.


9.  I can USE FIX-UP STRATEGIES by rereading  when something doesn’t seem right and breaking unknown words into understandable parts.


10.  I can TALK ABOUT WHAT I READ, expressing my own ideas and listening to others.