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Before any medication may be administered to any student during school hours, Rochester Community Schools requires the School Based Medical Action Plan Form be completed along with written instructions from a parent along with the Permission for Prescribed Medication Form.  These documents shall be kept on file in the school office.   Only medication in its original prescription bottle, labeled with the date of prescription, student’s name, and exact dosage will be dispensed in the school office.  Parents may also administer medication to their child in the school office.  For a student to take over-the counter medication on a short-term basis, a parent needs to complete the Permission for Over the Counter Medications Form.  This form is to be used ONLY for over-the counter medication to be taken on a short term basis (10 school days or less).  ANY SITUATION OVER TEN DAYS WILL REQUIRE A PERMISSION FORM FOR PRESCRIBED MEDICATION SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN TO BE ON FILE IN THE MAIN OFFICE.

All forms may be obtained from the school office or can be printed from the links below.



Medical Action Plans