Summer Literacy Ideas

Summer Review for Literacy


Parents often ask what they can do with their child over the summer to review Kindergarten skills and prepare their child for First Grade.  I have made a few suggestions that might be helpful…Just remember to keep practice time in the summer short and enjoyable for your child!


·        Upper-case and Lower-case letter recognition


·        Initial sound recognition –“What sound does this letter make?”


·        Rhyme Choice-“Tell me if these words rhyme…”


·        Rhyme Supply-Tell me a word that rhymes with…”


·        Phoneme segmentation-“What sounds do you hear first? The sound you hear next? The sound you hear last?”  (Ex. Hat=/h/ /a/ /t/)


·        Onset and Rime-“What word would I have if I put these sounds together?” (Ex. /b/ /ake/ )


·        Phoneme Blending-“What word would I have if I put these sounds together?” (Ex. /b/ /a/ /t/)


·        Add simple “wall words” to your refrigerator…practice recognizing them and making simple sentences with them


·        Journal writing-make lists, write sentences, send post-cards, label things around the house