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Meadow Brook Families,


Given the critical nature of food allergies I am committed to relying on our Rochester Community Schools Guide for Food Allergy Management as we interact daily with food and with one another in those classrooms impacted by food allergies and throughout the building.


I am also committed to partnering with each you to enhance our practice each day.


Please find information about our Food Allergy Guidelines and Protocols at the following link: http://www.rochester.k12.mi.us/pages/113926/food-allergy-guidelines-and-protocols


Also, please find resources and information about allergy sensitive snacking on the homepage of our website at: https://www.rochester.k12.mi.us/pages/326/meadow-brook


Don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or me at any time with thoughts, ideas, or questions. We are in this together.


Finally, we are working to provide our students with a safe and social experience at lunch. With that in mind we've converted our "Nut Restricted" table to a "Nut Restricted and Hot Lunch" table, inviting anywhere from 10 - 16 students in either category to join their friends at that space.


Thank you for your continued dedication to a safety-first culture.


I deeply appreciate your partnership as we combine efforts to keep every Meadow Brook student healthy and happy.





Seth E. Berg


Meadow Brook Elementary

Rochester Community Schools