1957 -- Meadow Brook Is Created

In July 1957, the voters approved a bond issue of $875,000 to build a new elementary school in the Christian Hills area.  Christian Hills was the first major new subdivision in the Rochester District.  After considerable discussion about the new school's location, the board decided the school would be located north of Crooks Road.  A nine-acre parcel of land was purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Fred Prucher for $1,600 per acre or $14,468.00.

Our school was originally referred to as the "Christian Hills School" in its planning stages.   A letter was written on September 11, 1957 from Donald G. Baldwin, Superintendent of schools to Mr. & Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson to ask if they had any objections if he suggested to the Board of Education that the new building be named Meadow Brook Elementary School since it is on property which was formerly part of Meadowbrook Farms.  Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wilson wrote back stating that they had no objection and were thankful of his thoughtful consideration.  The Board approved Mr. Baldwin's suggestion; thus Meadow Brook Elementary got its name.

Mr. Harry Denyes, a representative from O'Dell, Hewlett and Luckenbach, and architectural firm worked with Donald Baldwin, Superintendent and Richard F. Huizenga, Assistant Superintendent of Business to develop plans for construction of the school.  This was the first elementary school located outside the vicinity of the City of Rochester and therefore plans had to be made to provide the water and septic facilities for the building.  An unusual feature, not experienced in previous building projects, was our own water supply with a well and a submersible pump.

On October 15, 1957 the bids were opened for the construction of Meadow Brook Elementary School and also an addition to North Hill Elementary School.  The J.A. Fredman Construction Co. of Pontiac, MI was the successful bidder in the amount of $398,880.

In December 1958 a six-room addition to the original plan was approved by the Board of Education with a contract price of $120, 835 with J.A. Fredman Construction of Pontiac, MI.  The last addition was completed in 1961.

Meadow Brook was dedicated on Sunday, February 22, 1959 with many well-known names to the community attending.  The faculty consisted of ten teachers, staffing grades K-6.  Our first principal was Charles P. Schoch.  He remained principal of our school for 20 years.  Other staff members on the 1959 dedication included Ella Stanton -- Secretary, Mary Drake -- Gym, David Greenlee -- Music, Betty Popa -- Cook and Charlie Clanahan -- Custodian



Mission Statement

The mission of Meadow Brook Elementary School is to ensure high levels of learning.