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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Meadow Brook!

Meadow Brook Elementary is the proud home of the Meadow Mice! My name is Seth Berg and I'm thrilled to be the Principal of this amazing school community!

What makes the Meadow Brook community amazing? Simple...it's the people! Beginning with our incredible student population, flowing into our outstanding teachers, ancillary and support staff, connecting to our dedicated parent population, and including our local and global external partners, there is a line of focus on student wellbeing and achievement that drives everything we do.

Positive progress in teaching and learning is the key to our ongoing efforts. We work individually and collaboratively, facing challenges and celebrating triumphs through a lens of learning and growth. We don't think in terms of roadblocks, instead we frame our path with a commitment to reflective development and purposeful adaptation. With every step we ask ourselves how we can enhance the Meadow Brook experience for all involved.

This year is accompanied by the adoption of an extended school motto and our newly minted "Be A Hero" theme. Through some dedicated and collaborative work, "Better Because of Me" has become "Better Because of Me when I'm SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE." Those three shared core values are now scaffolding for the development of our community culture in and outside of our classrooms. They are the basis for our academic and social expectations. Stay tuned for systems, structures, events, and activities aimed at enhancing our collective understanding of what it means to be a Meadw Book Hero!

Along with our focus on meaningful and connected cultural development we're always working to improve our knowledge of best instructional practices and our capacity to implement those practices with fidelity in every classroom and for every students. We're in our fourth year of work with the Cultures of Thinking program and philosophy aimed at influencing learners' thinking dispositions in ways that promote depth, creativity, ownership, independence, and outcomes connecting learning to life. With a focus on literacy we aim to continue our efforts at nurturing a love for reading and writing in all, along with integrating that love for engagement and success across the curriculum.

Please touch base any time to start and/or continue a dialogue about your student(s) experience here at Meadow Brook. My e-mail is sberg@rochester.k12.mi.us and you can reach my by phone at (248) 726-4101. Your input is always welcome and very much appreciated!

Here's to a wonderful school year!

Your partner in teaching and learning,


Mr. Berg

Seth E. Berg


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