Meadow Brook Student Council 1617

The Election

Student Council Elections 1617

The 2016-17 Student Council will official begin this coming Thursday, October 13th with a meeting at 8:15 in the Media Center.

This year’s election process included an added interview component. Candidates for officer positions were asked to complete an application, requiring teacher recommendations, and perform a speech in front of their 5th grade peers.

The 5th grade student class then voted for their top candidate in each of the three positions: President, Vice President and Secretary. The top two nominees in each category were then asked to sit before an interview panel that consisted of the principal, a specials teacher, a classroom teacher, a parent, and two 5th grade peers, where they were asked a series of questions.

All the student showed impressive leadership and maturity throughout the entire process.

The final results:

President: Alivia Sirianni

Vice President: Jillian Van Stee

Secretary: Maya Dahanukar

1st Semester Representatives: Jourdan Greene, Diya Sivakumar, Julia Smith, Elle Wadle, Elliot Eyler, Hannah Young, Ryan Loren, Laz Lazenby, Maya Vijayakumar, Valeria Jurado-Plascencia

2nd Semester Representatives: Holland Grace, Abby Richmond, Isabelle Bass, Shamus Phillips, Alice Max, Mitch Gora, Lucy Thomas, Ella Galens, Cameron Dancel


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