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iPod Shuffle Program

Best Buy Grant!


Bethany Strausbaugh, Media Specialist at Long Meadow, won the $2,500 Best Buy Teach Award Grant!  This project idea will allow 3rd through 5th grade students to check out iPods and listen to Audiobooks with their library book in our Media Center! 


***Program will start on October 4, 2007


How do I check out an iPod AudioBook?

1.      Students will turn in their permission slip which is read and signed by the student and parent. 

2.  A monthly lottery on the Long Meadow morning news will allow 20 students to choose one Audiobook from the available books. Only one Audiobook is allowed on an iPod.

3.  Mrs. Strausbaugh will put that book onto the iPod for the student to check out for two weeks. 


iPod Polices

1.  iPods are NOT for student files or music and cannot be plugged into home computers.

2.  If iPod is lost or damaged, parent will be responsible for replacing or paying for a replacement.

3.  If the polices are not followed than the student will lose the privilege to check out an iPod.