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Book Policy

Students in K-2 can check-out one book during their library time.  In grades 3-5, students can check-out two books at a time.  A book will need to be returned or renewed before another book can be checked out.  Overdue notices will be given to any student who has not returned his/her book on time.  If your student is absent, we encourage them to return their book on their next school day in attendance so that they can get fresh reading material for the following week.   
Proper book care is stressed: 
  • Remember to keep library books in a safe, consistent  place, free from pets and smaller children. 
  • Always use a bookmark.
  • Have clean hands when reading.  Avoid food and drink nearby.
  • Turn pages carefully from the corners.
  • The night before library day, place the book, protected in a plastic bag, inside a backpack so it will arrive to school on the proper day.