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This district list of tutors is compiled as a courtesy service to parents and students.  It is not to be taken as a recommendation.  Tutors listed are not employed as tutors by Rochester Community Schools and are not subject to background checks.  If you intend to use this list to locate a tutor, it is your responsibility to interview candidates and make a selection based on information you feel is relevant to your particular needs.

Rochester Community Schools Tutor List

September 2022 - August 2023


(they do not charge for services)

Silaghi, Robert       248-703-6145 (cell)

Grade: K–12
Subject:  Math and Science
Availability:  All Year

My tutors and I have all been teaching for four years and are passionate about our endeavors.  Though most of us attend the International Academy, our tutors come from a variety of schools throughout the Metro-Detroit area.  We comprise a non-profit K-8 math and science free tutoring organization by the name of Project-STEM (


Agazzi, Iolanda        586-992-0671 (home) / 586-909-9379 (cell)

Grade:   All Grades
Subject:  Italian & ESL (English as a second Language)
Availability:  All Year

Professional Tutor/Instructor for all grades:  Italian I & II, ESL (English as a Second Language), Reading, SAT Preparation for ESL Students.  One hour classes on Zoom (Mon - Sat) OR can meet at a centrally located library or Book Store.  References Available.  Presently working at Macomb Community College - Center Campus and Macomb Township Recreation Center.  

Alsakka, Sara      248-894-3568 (cell)

Grade: K–12
Subject:  Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics
Availability:  All Year

I graduated from Oakland University with a bachelors in biology.  Completed medical school in 2018.  Received all A's in high school.  Math and Science were my strongest subjects, although I can also assist in reading and writing.  I have been tutoring for the last 2 years in all subjects (math, science, reading, and writing).  My students range from elementary to high school level. 

Caldwell, Mary Jo    248-496-9038 (cell)

Grade: K–8
Subject: Reading, Math, Writing, Spelling
Availability: All Year

Former Special Education Para-Educator (15 yrs.). Worked with students with Learning Disabilities and special needs;  trained in Orton Gillingham Phonics approach to reading and writing skills; SenseAble Reading/Spelling; Everyday Math.  Eighteen (18) years tutoring experience.

Cartwright-Calloway, Yvonne         248-736-3793 (cell)

Grade:  K–9
Subject:  Math
Availability:  All Year

Master of Arts in Teaching, with 30+ certified years teaching experience in Math.  Former Mathnasium Instructor, Downtown Rochester.  

Clippard, Aaron      586-322-0790

Grade: 9 - 12
Subject:  Standardized Test Specialist (ACT/SAT/GRE/GED) / Math concepts such as Algebra I & II, Geometry 
Availability: All Year

I have been a professional tutor for over 6 years, assisting many students develop stronger skills for their classes or to achieve stronger scores on the standardized test of their choice.  I have created an adaptive program that adapts to the needs of my students and their current levels.  I have confidents in being able to generate at least a 4 ACT composite and 90 SAT score growth in any student.  This confidence comes from being initially trained by major tutoring companies and then getting active hand-on experience to refine my work.  I also possess a Master's in Counseling which helps deliver the information in a way that will be received while also having knowledge about career/school counseling as well.  

DiBartolomeo, Mario       248-219-8591 

Grade:  7-12
Subject:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus
Availability:  All Year

Full-time math tutor with 17 years experience tutoring Rochester Community School students.  B.S.Ed. in math education from the University of Michigan.  I also and create and maintain the helpful and frequently watched math YouTube channel Mario's Math Tutoring now with 250k subscribers.  Available to meet at your home if you live locally and/or I can meet online over Zoom.  Free free to call, text or email me anytime.  Visit my website at

Giedzinska, Anna   248-613-9411 (cell)

Grade: K-12 +college level
Subject:  Mathematics, Physics, & Economics
Availability:  All Year

Master’s Degree in Engineering, substitute teacher for: Rochester, Birmingham and Pontiac School Districts. Tutored with Tutor Doctors. 

My Web Site =

Grace, Edward     248-613-2568 (cell)

Grade:  8-12
Subject: Algebra & Pre-Calculus
Availability:  All Year

Retired Information Technology professional. BA/MA Mathematics, Oakland University. Adjunct Mathematics instructor at Oakland Community College, I have tutored several high school and adult students. I emphasize understanding math concepts rather than memorization of formulas and facts.

Grewer, Royce       248-739-5781 (cell)

Grade:  6-12
Subject:   All Math (including AP Calculus), Statistics (including AP), Physics (including AP), Chemistry (including AP), SAT/ACT All Subjects
Availability:  All Year

There is nothing like competence to cause your child to develop confidence!  Help you student have fun and grow confident in school and life by developing their long-term understanding and abililty, rather than just helping them survive their coursework and tests!  I specialize in student motivation to learn.  I am a fully certified middle- and high-school teacher (physics, math, chemistry, special education).  How would your student feel about school if becoming competent was easy and fun?  Accelerate your young student's learning to build their confidence now!  I help, motivate, and inspire students of all levels, including your AP student.  Group rate available.  Ask me about remote tutoring!  Patient, gentle, and fun.   :-) 

Hovatter, Blue    970-581-1255 (cell)

Grade: 6 - 12
Subject:  AP Calculus AB, Precalculus, College Algebra, trigonometry, Algebra 1 & 2, High School & Middle School Math
Availability: All Year

My name is Blue, and I have been a professional private math tutor for 25+ years.  I understand that each student is different, and do not have a one size fits all approach to how I handle tutoring.  Whether you are someone who loves math and wants a deeper understanding, or someone who does not like math at all and just needs help getting through math, I can help you find the success you need.  To find out more about me, to book an appointment, and read more reviews from my previous parents and students, please visit my website:

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at:

Hubar, Jacqueline       248-342-6388

Grade:  9-12
Subject:  Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, English 9-12, World History, and US History
Availability:   All Year

I graduated from Michigan State University and have worked for Rochester Community Schools for 20 years.  I am responsible the the tier 2 support in the Academic Center which includes working with every individual student to make sure they can develop their own abilities and feel confident as they succeed.   I have tutored in the community for the last 15 years.  

Humphreys, Tara        248-459-3261 (cell)

Grade: Pre K-5
Subject: Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics
Availability: All Year

Elementary teacher for 11 years with 11 years of tutoring experience in Language Arts, Reading, and Mathematics in Pre-K – 5. Graduated with a Masters from Oakland University in Reading and Language Arts, and an endorsement as a Reading Specialist. My Bachelor’s Degree is also from Oakland University in Elementary Education with a major in Language Arts and minor in Mathematics.

Kharod, Preeti         248-656-3137 (home)

Grade:  7-12
Subject:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre Calc, AP Calc, IB Math
Availability:  All Year

Retired High School and Oakland Community College Math Teacher with 42+ years of experience.  I have been tutoring in Rochester, Troy, Bloomfield, and the Lake Orion School District students for almost 28 years.  I'm familiar with the curriculum.  IB Students welcome.  

Kober, Teresa         248-840-3020 (cell)

Grade:  5-9
Subject:  Reading/Literature, Writing, English Grammar, Language Arts
Availability:  All Year

I have a BA from UD-Mercy, have done graduate work at Oakland University and MSU in Teaching Reading and Language Arts and Counseling, respectively, and I love teaching!  As a certified teacher with 38 years teaching middle school language arts, my tutoring areas encompass reading, literary analysis, writing, English grammar, study skills and strategies as well as social studies, science, and homework follow-through.  My goal is to help students develop their reading abilities, writing skills, and strategies for academic success.

Lelli, Michelle       248-756-1750

Grade:  3rd - HS Geometry
Subject:   K-8 Math, Algebra, HS Geometry 
Availability:   All Year

BA/MA in Education, with certification in math.  Taught and tutored math for 21+ years.  I have taught pre-algebra, high school algebra, and geometry for the last 21 years and have tutored students from 2nd grade on.  I love math and helping students to understand the process to be successful.  

Lin, Holly       248-688-8336

Huntington Learning Center

Grade: K – 12
Subject:  K-12 Study Skills, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, ACT, SAT, HSPT, SSAT, and ISEE
Availability:  All Year

Huntington Learning Center has been serving the Rochester community for the past 17 years and has helped thousands of students achieve their goals.  As a part of the national provider, our 45 years of experience and statistics provide students and parents with a wide range of services.  We hire the best teachers in town who specialize in various areas of expertise.  Our personalized attention and proven results lead to improved grades and increased confidence and motivation.  Students get support from our team of teachers and see solid improvement.  Huntington Learning Center is accredited by the Middle States Association.  

Matynka, Teri           248-765-6181

Grade:  3 - 6
Subject:  Math & Writing
Availability:  All Year

Certified teacher in grades K-8 with 30 years of teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Reading and Language Arts.  Tutoring subjects are math and writing to grades 3, 4, and 5 only.  Sessions are 45 minutes and take place afterschool.  I can provide in-person tutoring to individual or small groups.  

Mollan, Cal       586-596-2081
Zara Tutoring 

Grade:  6 – 12 +college
Subject:  General & AP:  Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science.  ACT Science Prep.  
Availability:  All Year

Cal is a PhD student in System Engineering at Oakland University.  Cal has a very rare combination of skills:  a deep understanding of Math & Science theory coupled with the ability to convey the concepts to students in a way that is clear and grounded.  Cal has earned the reputation of being an extremely kind and patient instructor.  Call or text the phone number above or email to schedule a session with Cal!

Mukherjee, Dipannita     248-790-0033

Grade: K – 12
Subject:  Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Science, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Availability: All Year

I am a highly qualified and extremely patient instructor with a Bachelors in Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma. My goal is to help your student focus on understanding the concept and develop a strong foundation, in addition to completing the coursework. I am currently employed by Rochester Community Schools.  Also familiar with the academic curriculum of Troy and Utica Public Schools.  12+ years of experience assisting students in all subjects (specializing in Math and Science) as well as experience with assisting students with learning disabilities, cognitive impairment and other special needs. Previously, I helped coach the Math Olympiad at the Elementary School level and was a teacher sponsor of a FIRST Robotics Team. I currently mentor the Rochester Adams High School FIRST Robotics Team – The Adambots. I am willing to come to your house to tutor. I am also able to tutor online using Zoom or FaceTime.

Panton, Ashley       586-596-2081
Zara Tutoring 

Grade:  2 – 12 +college
Subject:  SAT & ACT prep (1-on-1 & small group), Math (through Pre-Calculus), English, Essay support
Availability:  All Year

Ashley is certified in Math & English.  Having graduated form Rochester Adams High School, Ashley is very familiar with the district's rigorous curriculum.  She has a passion for engaging students in the content by identifying their learning tyle in order to help them flourish!  Ashley has had some great experiences that helped mold her into a very personable teacher.  For example, she spent a summer in Liverpool, England (home of the Beatles) teaching Algebra to a group of 11th graders.  Call or text the phone number above or email to schedule a session with Ashley!

Porretta, Letizia       586-243-0770

Grade:  9 – 12, college
Subject:  Chemistry, Biology (including honors & AP)
Availability:  All Year

Letizia earned a B.S. in Biology & Chemistry, with a Secondary Education certificate from Oakland University. She also holds an M.S. in Multidisciplinary Science from Wayne State University.  Letizia has over 20 years of classroom and tutoring experience, in person and online.  Contact her today for help making sense of science!  

Prosser, Stephanie      248-285-1054

Grade:  8-12
Subject:  Math - Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus AB/BC
Availability:  All Year

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and recently refreshed math through Calculus II. In addition to working in IT Manufacturing Systems, I have experience as a permanent math substitute and have worked as a volunteer tutor in Pontiac.  I will tutor Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre Calculus, and Calculus AB/BC.  I also tutor Calculus I and II at the University level. 

Rice, Eileen        248-765-2146 (cell)

Grade:  K-9
Subject:  Math
Availability:  All Year

I have been a math tutor for the last 12 years, assisting students with homework, test prep, SAT prep, and other academic tasks.  I incorporate teaching the concepts as well as applying them, grades K-12.  My engineering degree and school volunteering (math) provides me the experience I need to make our students shine.  

Scholten, Brian       248-229-4968 (cell)

Grade:  ALL
Subject:   Any subject, any grade (except foreign language & high school level biology).  I can help with test prep (ACT, SAT, GRE, GED, etc.), Study Skills, all Math, all English, Computer and Life Skills, College & Career preparation, and many more areas.  
Availability:  All Year

I have been a certified, full-time tutor since 2010.  What I am most interested in is students who actually desire to learn.  For those who care, tutoring can literally be a life-changing experience.  In addition to tutoring, I am also a business analyst, programmer, author, CFO, and a father. 

Shinsky, Paul      586-804-8879

Grade:  5 - 12
Subject:  Upper Elementary thru Pre-Calculus
Availability:  School Year

Retired math teacher from Rochester High School. I have been tutoring pretty much my entire career.

Stanyer, Brandon        586-596-2081
Zara Tutoring

Grade:  6 – 12 
Subject:  Math (through Pre-Calculus), Biology (General & AP), Spanish
Availability:  All Year

Brandon is a Math Teacher at Hart Middle School.  He also did his student teacher at Rochester Adams and was a long-term substitute at Stoney Creek High School, so his very familiar with the district's curriculum and culture.  Brandon has a passion for teaching Math & Science and wants to empower students to do great things in the world by applying these subjects!  He has been tutoring Math & Science for the past 5 years and has experience in Most Math & Science classes grades 6-12.  Call or text the phone number above or email to schedule a session with Brandon!

Walter, Joseph      440-478-4072 

Grade:  7-12
Subject:  Math (all levels including AP), Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics
Availability:  All Year

  • Over 20 years experience as a tutor and classroom teacher
  • BSBA - Ohio State University
  • Masters Program - Mathematics (Analytics) Education - Notre Dame College
  • Previously held license to teach in Ohio and Florida
  • One-On-One Tutoring - I have worked with over 400 students during the past 20 years, with emphasis on Mathematics, Science, and ACT/SAT preparation.
Wilkins, Nicole        586-747-0600 (cell)

Grade:  K – 5
Subject:  Reading and Math
Availability:  Summer ONLY

Master’s Degree in Reading and Language Arts from Oakland University.  Special Education Degree from Central Michigan University.  Extensive training in Orton Gillingham Method of Reading. Special Education Teacher for RCS 28 years teaching experience.  Trained to administer diagnostic evaluations, interpret results, and develop individualized plans to address students’ needs.  Willing to tutor in your home, depending on status of COVID-19.  Virtual/On-Line tutoring available (with electronic payment).  Rates variable depending on location of sessions.

Zara, Tom       586-596-2081
Zara Tutoring

Grade:  6 – 12 +college
Subject:  Spanish (all levels), Math (all levels), SAT & ACT (1-on-1 & small group)
Availability:  All Year

Owner of Zara Tutoring. Highly qualified in Math and Spanish. Taught for 8 years, with the last 6 years being at Adams. I have eighteen years of tutoring experience and I specialize in Math, Spanish, and SAT & ACT support (all sections) through 1-on-1 sessions as well as small group classes. Please visit Zara Tutoring on Google & Facebook to see the 190+ five-star reviews from past & current clients who benefited from my personalized approach!  Call or text the phone number above or email to schedule a session!


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