Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

Hello and welcome to the new school year.  My website will simply be a quick place check on homework, journals, and upcoming projects.  Feel free to email anytime if you have questions.

11/12  Today we are finishing our discussion on WW II and nuclear weapons.  The kids are also working out of a junior scholastic that has supplied us with a world almanac so we can discuss the state of the world.

11/13  Today we are introducing a new project in which the kids will have topics they will teach to the class through google slides.  We will spend several days preparing.  The kids have an opportunity to be creative in their delivery so some of their ideas may lead them to completing some work at home.

11/14  Field trip to Meadowbrook

11/15 and 16  Project work

J I  9/4  What is happening in the two pictures?

J II due 9/12  What arer 3 questions you have about 9/11?

J III due 9/19  Should MI have the death penalty?

J IV  due 9/20  Should women serve in a combat role in the military?

J V  due 9/24  Ask an adult for advice and tips on being successful in the stock market.

J VI  due 9/26  Should MI allow sports betting?

J VII  Define:  sympathy and empathy

J VIII due 10/3  What is your stance on gun control?

J IX  (used for an in class assignment)  List and briefly describe 10 stone age creatures.

J X due 10/11  Do you believe MI (or the US) should support Euthanasia?

J XI  due 10/18  Should the confederate flag be allowed to be hung in government buildings?

J XII  due 10/18  Should teachers be trained and armed to protect students?

J XIII due 10/18 Should minimum wage be increased to allow a 40 hour employee to be above the poverty line?

J XIV due 10/30  What is your stance on Gerrymandering?

J XV  due 10/30  Should Michigan legalize marijuana?

J XVI  due 10/30  Look up what our national debt is and how the Government spends its money.  Record five bullets of information.

J XVII  due 11/12  Was it the right decision for the US to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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