Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

Hello and welcome to the new school year.  My website will simply be a quick place check on homework, journals, and upcoming projects.  Feel free to email anytime if you have questions..

June 3 - 14

There will not be a final exam.  Instead the kids are working on a final project on Medieval times.  The majority of the project will be done in class but there may be some spillover at home as the kids have to create items to display in a tourist shop they are creating.  Groups will present on either Friday or Tuesday.



J I  2/5  Write 5 bullets with observations or questions on the Presidents state of the Union address.  This is extra credit.

J II 2/7  Put your cheat sheet on ancient China for the Jeapordy game here.

J III due 3/15  10 pt. journal  1.  What is Medicare?  2.  Ask an adult what they feel Medicare should look like.

J V due 4/10  Should burning the US flag be against the law?

J VI  due 4/10  Should the US stop using the Electoral College?

J VII  due 4/17  10 pts. Should the US get involved in foreign conflicts?  What would that involvement look like?   1. civil war  2.  war between nations  3.  genocide

J VIII due 4/24  What constitutional rights do you feel are violated against kids?

J IX  due 5/1  3 question game.  Create three questions about the Maya, Aztec, and Incas.  These can cover anything.  You will use them in a competition with your classmates.

J X  due 5/1  Write a list of ten things you think the ancient Mesoamericans would have Gods for.

J XI  due 5/2  List ten reasons one city state in Mesoamerica would go to war with another.

J XII  due 5/3  What are 10 businesses that you think existed in Tenochtitlan?

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