Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

Hello and welcome to the new school year.  My website will simply be a quick place check on homework, journals, and upcoming projects.  Feel free to email anytime if you have questions..

April 15 - 18

Today we are talking about 25 political terms.  We had a little competition on Friday and we are discussing the results.  The kids got a journal that is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday - We are starting a rare, book work activity on ancient Rome.  This will be due on Thursday.

Wednesday - Discussing journal.  Working from book.

Thursday - We have an activity that challenges the kids to play the role of President and decide when they should intervene in a world event.


Have a great Easter.



J I  2/5  Write 5 bullets with observations or questions on the Presidents state of the Union address.  This is extra credit.

J II 2/7  Put your cheat sheet on ancient China for the Jeapordy game here.

J III due 3/15  10 pt. journal  1.  What is Medicare?  2.  Ask an adult what they feel Medicare should look like.

J V due 4/10  Should burning the US flag be against the law?

J VI  due 4/10  Should the US stop using the Electoral College?

J VII  due 4/17  10 pts. Should the US get involved in foreign conflicts?  What would that involvement look like?   1. civil war  2.  war between nations  3.  genocide

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