Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

Hello and welcome to the new school year.  My website will simply be a quick place check on homework, journals, and upcoming projects.  Feel free to email anytime if you have questions..

The semester exams are as follows:

first and second hour:  Jan 23

third and fourth:  Jan 24

fifth:  Jan 25

The kids will have a completed study guide by the 17th.

1/8  Today we finished the geo bee and worked on our study guide.  Journal XXII is extra credit and due on Thursday.

1/9  The kids will be working on two worksheets.  One on monsoons and the other on the geography of China.  Both due on 1/10

1/10  Today we have a guest speaker presenting on Christianity.  We will have other religious based presentations later in the year.

1/11  Working on study guide and learning about the caste system in India.

J I  9/4  What is happening in the two pictures?

J II due 9/12  What arer 3 questions you have about 9/11?

J III due 9/19  Should MI have the death penalty?

J IV  due 9/20  Should women serve in a combat role in the military?

J V  due 9/24  Ask an adult for advice and tips on being successful in the stock market.

J VI  due 9/26  Should MI allow sports betting?

J VII  Define:  sympathy and empathy

J VIII due 10/3  What is your stance on gun control?

J IX  (used for an in class assignment)  List and briefly describe 10 stone age creatures.


J X due 10/11  Do you believe MI (or the US) should support Euthanasia?

J XI  due 10/18  Should the confederate flag be allowed to be hung in government buildings?

J XII  due 10/18  Should teachers be trained and armed to protect students?

J XIII due 10/18 Should minimum wage be increased to allow a 40 hour employee to be above the poverty line?

J XIV due 10/30  What is your stance on Gerrymandering?

J XV  due 10/30  Should Michigan legalize marijuana?

J XVI  due 10/30  Look up what our national debt is and how the Government spends its money.  Record five bullets of information.

J XVII  due 11/12  Was it the right decision for the US to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

J XVIII due 12/6  Should MI allow same sex marriage?

J XIX  due 12/7  Should the US close Guantanamo Bay?

J XX  Hammurabi's law list

J XXI  Geo bee quiz

J XXII  Extra credit  due 1/11  5 bullets of info including your thoughts on the Presidents speech

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