Mr. Cromie's Website

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  You made the first step in a very important process to be successful.  Communication is crucial for students, parents and myself to stay in the "loop".  This is why I am offering several opportunities for this to happen.

First, this website will serve as a general overview of school events and a weekly preview of what we should be doing in class.  The class folders below will take you to the appropriate webpage.

Second, I try to email parents a once a week review of what we did in class and a quick snapshot of what the following week might look like.  This includes test dates, project due dates etc.  I will use MYRCS to compile a group email address book for each class.  If you are not sure this is the email you want me to use, please simply email me the appropriate one with your child's name and hour I have him/her.  I will check and add or change the one I have been provided.

Third, I will be using Remind.  This is an extremely safe one way text messaging program that will allow me to send reminders about class and school happenings to students and parents.  It does not allow anyone to text to me.  I will not know any phone numbers and my personal cell number is not used.
Check out for more important information.  I encourage you (students and parents) to try it out.  I think it will be a great addition to our communication options!  Directions on signing up is below and will be provided with my class syllabus which will be received on the first day of school.

Thanks for visiting! I can't wait to meet you and get starting on a successful school year at Hart. GO EAGLES!

Jim Cromie