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Meet Hart Middle School's FIRST Tech Challenge Team, The E-Bots

The E-Bots are Hart Middle School's FIRST robotics team. The E-Bots compete under the FIRST Tech Challenge national robotics program. FTC is structured for grades 7-12. The Team works as a whole and in smaller sub-teams to build complex robots. FTC is the first step in advanced bot building, such as all metal construction, high tech Android control units, and Java code based programming. The bots are built using the Tetrix and Actobotics base platform with 80/20 aluminum structural elements.

FTC competes mainly in the fall, with competitions starting in November. FIRST announces the seasons challenge right when school starts in September. The regional qualifier is always in the Metro Detroit area as there are several held. Last year we were at Canton High School. Depending on how we do there is then a State, Midwest, and National competition. FIRST recently announced that the 2018 and 2019 national tournaments will be held right here in Michigan.

The E-Bots are also involved in community outreach programs. They recently exhibited at the North Hill and Higger Elementary Science Expos and will be mentoring elementary school FIRST Lego Leauges.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Kevin Miller, Coach E-Bots FTC Robotics Team

Email: hartebots@gmail.com


Phone 586-615-6918