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Internet Safety

The issue of Internet safety is of major concern to parents and educators alike. Children and teenagers are increasingly comfortable with exploring the vast world of cyberspace, and are therefore vulnerable to a variety of risks. 


Rochester Community Schools is interested in helping parents monitor their children’s internet use at home. We are providing the following links to assist parents in understanding the potential dangers for students on the Internet.  These are sites that explain the risks of blogging, online journals and web-based “communities” such as MySpace.com and Webshots.com.  Please take some time to visit these sites and educate yourself, so that you can guide your children in their Internet usage. 












Please note that these links are provided for your information and convenience. Rochester Community Schools is not affiliated with any other website and does not endorse any information contained therein.


Rochester Community Schools requires students and staff to sign an Acceptable Use Policy that is intended to restrict use of the Internet that is both harmful and contrary to best educational practice.  We will continue to explore ways that we can further educate students about appropriate and safe internet usage.