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2019-20 RCS Kindergarten Page

Dates to Remember

April 10, 2019 - Kindergarten registration night

(check for your homeschool building below for exact times).

Baldwin @ 6:30pm Long Meadow @ 6:00pm
Brewster @ 6:00pm McGregor @ 6:00pm
Brooklands @ 6:00pm Meadow Brook @ 6:00pm
Delta Kelly @ 6:00pm Musson @ 6:00pm
Hamlin @ 6:00pm North Hill @ 6:30pm
Hampton @ 9:00-10:00 am and 6:00-7:00 pm University Hills @ 6:00 pm
Hugger @ 6:00 pm


Welcome to the Rochester Community Schools 2019-20!

Kindergarten enrollment will begin on April 10, 2019 where each of our elementary schools will host "Kindergarten Registration Evening".  Each school will be conducting its own registration and information meeting (see above for your home school exact times).  This will be an opportunity to meet and converse with the principals and kindergarten teachers on a more personal level.

Regarding eligibility for 2019-20 kindergarten:  Children who will be 5 by September 1, 2019 are eligible to enroll in kindergarten. However, if your child will be 5 by December 1, 2019, you may sign a waiver and have him or her enrolled.  Those forms are posted on this site.  Under the folder, "Kindergarten Enrollment Requirements", you will find what is required to enroll your child as well as immunization requirements.