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Parent Involvement


Brooklands Elementary

Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

Brooklands Elementary believes that the education of children is a joint responsibility, one it shares with the parents of the school community. A high degree of parent involvement positively impacts student achievement and benefits the school, and the classroom as well as the child.  To ensure that the best interests of the child are served in this process, a strong program of communication between home and school must be maintained. Partnerships among families and schools that are child-centered and family-strengthening can engage, guide and motivate students to be productive citizens in our community.


At Brooklands, we encourage parents/families to participate in a two-way communication with the school as well as participate in school activities.  We achieve home-school communication through the following:

a.     Parent/Teacher Conferences

b.     Annual Curriculum Night

c.      Monthly Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meetings

d.     School and Classroom Newsletters

e.     School website, E-mails, Phone Calls, Surveys

f.       Kindergarten Orientation

g.     Quarterly Report Cards

h.     Parent Book Studies/Information Nights

i.        Friday  Facts

Family involvement is critical to student success in meeting and exceeding district and state academic standards.  Brooklands’ staff believes that a shared responsibility between the home and school will inspire students to be successful in the educational setting.


Brooklands’ Responsibilities:

a.     Create an environment that is safe, respectful and caring

b.     Engage parents in the school improvement process

c.      Elicit parent feedback and collaboration in decisions relating to the education of their children

d.     Provide a clear description and explanation of the district and state curriculum and assessments

e.     Provide extra time and targeted instruction to students who have not yet met grade-level standards

f.       Communicate the program and its policies with parents of Title 1 students and how they can best support their child at home.

g.     Provide adequate communication with non-English speaking families

Brooklands’ Parent Responsibilities:

a.      Support the school by requiring that their children observe the Student Code of Conduct

b.     Accept responsibility for their child’s in-school behavior

c.      Contact the teacher when there is a question or concern

d.     Send children to school with proper attention to their health and hygiene

e.     Maintain an active interest in child’s daily school work and help their child when necessary

f.       Read all communications from the school and participate in school activities.