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 Brooklands was opened in 1928 as Avon Township District School #3.  Until 1953, it was a K - 8 grade school.  The eighth grade graduates went to high school in Avondale and Rochester.

     In 1953, Brooklands consolidated with the Rochester Community Schools.  By that time, the gym/cafeteria and five new classrooms had been added to the original building.  The school was very crowded, and the Fire Marshal gave permission to use the basement for classrooms. As the population continued to grow, two additional wings were added to the building.

     In the fall of 1993,the school was replaced with a new building located behind the original site.  The "old" Brooklands is currently used for our district's Adult Education and A.C.E. programs. 

     Brooklands is now a large modern facility that houses approximately 500 students in grades K - 5.  The staff consists of 17 classroom teachers, 5 specials teachers, 4 resource teachers, one Learning Consultant, one full-time secretary, as well as many support staff, for a total of almost 60 adults working with children to enhance their learning.  In the evenings, Brooklands is busy with scouting groups, BASES classes, RARA activities, and PTA activities.  Brooklands is proud to boast of an active PTA, which supports many volunteer and enrichment opportunities throughout the year.

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