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During the elementary school years a child acquires the skills, attitudes and behaviors which provide the foundation for future learning. A close working relationship between the home and the school helps each child have a meaningful and productive educational experience.

Citizens make many significant contributions to the schools and we invite you to visit your school, confer with teachers and administrators and attend meetings of the Board of Education. Community support is essential to the development of an effective educational program. We welcome your participation and involvement in school activities and organizations.

In the Rochester Community Schools, the term curriculum refers to the alignment of content standards, instructional strategies and assessment practices. Content standards are the "what"; instruction is the "how" and assessment informs us "when" students are ready for the next step.

Rochester’s curriculum addresses student growth in the cognitive, physical, social/ emotional and aesthetic domains. From pre-school through adult education, the curriculum focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary for life-long learning.

Curriculum is developed based on the District philosophy and mission for K-12 education and in alignment with the Michigan Curriculum Standards, Benchmarks and Grade Level Content Expectations. In the Rochester Community Schools curriculum is modified and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure students receive the instruction necessary to keep pace in today’s global society.

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