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 Welcome! My name is Lori Sutter, and I am the Brooklands' Elementary Learning Consultant. Please feel free to contact me at 248-726-3409 with any questions or concerns regarding your child's academic, social, or emotional progress in school.

I am fortunate to work with a wonderful staff. Pam Takashima and Joan Mutrynowski are the para-pros that work with our children.

As the Learning Consultant, my most important job is to provide services to students within the general education population who are experiencing difficulty within the school environment. The Learning Consultant, however, wears many other "hats"! My job description also includes the following:

Consult with classroom teachers regarding individual student needs, resources, interventions, curriculum differentiation, and curriculum accommodations and modifications Consult with parents regarding their child's academic, social or emotional growthConsult with building support service staff and administration with regard to specific students, teachers, and parent concerns within the general school communityBuilding assessment coordinator for District and State mandated testing Deliver new developments in the district curriculum and their applications in the classroomTeam Facilitator for School Improvement Committee Member of the Trauma Response TeamTeacher-In Charge when Mrs. Simonetti is out of the school building

Please enjoy our website,

Lori Sutter

Reading Recovery Center of Michigan