Welcome to Mrs. Norred's fourth grade website!

We're going to have blast together this year!

We're so excited that you've chosen to visit our class webpage. This website is designed so we can share what's happening with our family and friends. We hope that by visiting our class webpage, you'll get a feeling of what we do everyday! Enjoy your visit and be sure to stop by often to see what new and exciting things are happening in our room!


Welcome to Fourth Grade!!

Get ready to have a GREAT year!

Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! My name is Mrs. Mary Anne Norred and I will be your fourth grade teacher. I am SO very happy we will be sharing your fourth grade year together! It will be an exciting journey and I can not wait to meet you so we can begin our journey on the first day of school.

Fourth grade is full of fun learning experiences. Here are just some of the things we will be doing this year.

  • In Language Arts we will be reading many interesting novels in our Book Club Groups. We will learn to polish our writing skills while creating original stories, writing poetry, historical fiction stories, and writing letters in our writing journals.
  • For all you scientists out there, we will be experimenting with Processes that Shape Earth, Energy and Waves, States of Matter, and Survival in an Ecosystem.
  • If you love our grand country, the USA, then Social Studies will be the subject for you! We will be exploring the United States and our government in this country. We will even be creating our very own country and currency in the spring!
  • For all you number-crunchers out there, you will be introduced to many new math skills this year. We will be exploring Geometry, Multiplication, Division, Perimeter, and Area among many other things!. You will be a math master by the time you leave fourth grade.

In fact, we will be doing so many fun things I can't fit them all in my letter!

Brewster has ordered assignment books or better known as planners for the fourth graders. The planners are a great way to help you organize your assignments and keep your parents informed of what is happening in the classroom.

We will be having a daily snack break each day to help sustain our energy for all the learning we will be doing. Please bring a nutritious snack each day (including our first day together) to enjoy while I read you many exciting novels.

I hope you are as excited as I am about all we will be doing this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your families. Welcome to Fourth Grade-it's going to be a GREAT year!


Mrs. Norred