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Mr. Benson’s Class

We are having a wonderful time in fifth grade!  Check this website often for updates in our classroom.


September 2018

Welcome back! I hope you had lots of fun this summer. You're going to continue to have fun in fifth grade at Brewster Elementary School. My name is Mr. Benson and I will be your teacher. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and meeting each of you on the first day. Fifth grade will be filled with new exciting learning experiences!

In Language Arts we will be reading many interesting chapter books such as "Trumpet of the Swan", "Number the Stars", "Hatchet", during our Book Clubs. We'll be continuing to improve our comprehension and reading skills through Guided Reading and Independent Reading. We will also be refining and improving our writing and spelling/grammar skills. Some types of writing we'll be improving or learning about this year are Personal Narratives, Persuasive/Opinion Essays, and Literary Essays. We will also be writing some poetry and completing a research project (Informational Writing) called SSP (Student Specialty Project).

In Math we will be continuing to build on our knowledge of Multiplication and Division. Some of the concepts you'll be learning about are: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Area, Volume, Exponents which all involve multiplication and/or division.

During Social Studies we will be learning about the earliest history of the United States. Units we'll be covering are the following: Three of the Earliest Cultures in North America (Native Americans, African Americans, and European Americans), Exploring the New World, Settlement of Colonial America, The American Revolution, and our U.S. Constitution/Branches of Government.

In Science we will discover new things about the world we live in. We will find out about Ecosystems, The Behaviors and Adaptations of Tree Frogs and Hermit Crabs, Properties of Matter and Solubility, Parts of the Earth and Outer Space, and the different types of Body Systems we have along with how our body changes and grows.

We will have a snack break during the day. Make sure it is healthy and nutritious so that it will help to keep you energized for the day. I am looking forward to seeing you in September!


Mr. Benson