Brewster Art Room and Curriculum Information

Kids love art!!!
Mrs. McCue at an art conference learning new ideas for Brewster kids!!


My name is Tanya McCue and I am pleased to be the art specialist for Brewster Elementary.  As an art teacher, I believe in the importance of art education in a young child’s life.  In addition to providing the child with a means to understand art, artists and the creative process, it nourishes the development of the child’s creative thinking process, used in all aspects of education.  This is the ultimate goal of all educators: to allow a child’s self esteem to grow, so that the joy of learning will be a life-long process.  
    Art is a learning tool that, if wielded properly can teach skills other that art.  The first written language of children is drawing and scribbling.  The tendency to create visual images in the early stages of life seems to cross the barriers between cultural, social and economical boundaries.  It is a creative outlet that gives students another area in which to excel and succeed.  Art empowers students with self-worth and raises self-esteem.  I feel very fortunate that I will be able to encourage your child’s creative thinking during his or her time at Brewster Elementary School.     

    The kindergarten through fifth grade Rochester Community Schools Art Curriculum revolves around six main units of study that spiral through the elementary grades. Students explore, examine, experiment and create artwork based on the Elements of Design: form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. Students are also exposed to the Principles of Design as they apply to each unit; incorporating balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, and unity. 


    Students will be exploring many areas of art through their six years here, including: drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles, clay, paper making, and construction/sculpture. The beginning of each year usually begins with the element of LINE.   

     If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please feel free to contact me at school by phone or email or drop in to visit the art room. Don't forget to ask your child about his/her artwork and what we are doing in art; the kids love to share their artwork with you! (After being on display at school, it will be kept to send home at Portfolio Night or the end of the school year.)

Brewster’s art program will offer young people: CONNECTIONS … 

·         An enjoyable, fun part of their school curriculum where they can excel and be recognized.  

·         A time in their regular school week in which they can explore and express their creative selves.

·         An understanding of, confidence in, and respect for the use of a variety of art tools, materials, and techniques.

·         A creative outlet for the children that is uninhibited by judgment.

·         An appreciation for the world of Fine Art; including various artists and techniques used throughout Art History.

·         A window into the wonders of the visual world around them; how to use their knowledge of art to look at all of life’s colors, forms, shapes differently.

·         A chance to discover other cultures and how their art is expressed.