Welcome to 5th Grade


Welcome to Mr. Golden's 5th GradeClass

Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! My name is Mr. Ryan Golden and I will be your 5th grade teacher. I am so happy we will be sharing this year together! It will be an exciting journey and I cannot wait to meet you so we can begin our journey on the first day of school.

Fifth Grade

•In Language Arts we will be reading many interesting novels in our Book Club Groups also we will be doing a reading workshop. Some types of writing we'll be improving on or learning about this year are Personal Narratives, Persuasive Essays, and Historical Fiction Letters. We will also completing a research project called SSP (Student Specialty Project).

•In Science we will discover new things about the world we live in. We will find out about Ecosystems, the behaviors and adaptations of Tree Frogs and Hermit Crabs (which are kept in terrariums in the classroom), discovering the Solar System we live in, and the different types of Body Systems we have along with how our body changes and grows.

•If you love our grand country, we will start by exploring The American's and Our Environment and finish up the year with The American Revolution

•In Math we will be continuing to build on our knowledge of multiplication and division. Some of the concepts you'll be learning about are: Fractions, Decimals, Percent's, Ratios, Area, Volume, Angles, Exponents, In fact, we will be doing so many fun things I can't fit them all in my letter!

Just like last year Brewster has ordered planners for you. This will help you keep everything organized and allow your parents to see what you have done each day. We will be having a daily snack break each day to help sustain our energy for all the learning we will be doing. Please bring a nutritious snack each day to enjoy while I read you many exciting novels. I hope you are as excited as I am about all we will be doing this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your families.

Welcome to Mr.Goldens room!

Sincerely, Mr. Golden

Mr. Golden's Room Supply List

Everything on this list is optional. I can provide all materials but I know some children like to have their own supplies.

1 inch binder (any color)

1 pack of dividers to be used in binder

1 pack of crayons

1 pack of markers

1 pair of scissors

1 box of number 2 pencils


1 spiral 1 subject notebook

2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

Donations of tissues, cleaning wipes, and lined paper are greatly appreciated throughout the year

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