Joining the PTA is easy!  Just click on the "Membership" folder and download a Membership form.  Return it to school in an envelope marked Brewster PTA-Membership with your check made out to Brewster PTA.  If you are a new Brewster family, you receive one FREE membership; however, we still need you to fill out a form and return it.  In a few days, you'll receive your membership card!.  

Why should you join the PTA?  When you are a PTA member, you have the right to vote on all PTA matters, and you'll receive updates from the Michigan and National PTAs on issues that matter most to you and your student.  You also will receive a FREE Brewster directory with the contact information for all Brewster families who choose to participate.  Finally, PTA members have access to great discounts!  Your PTA membership card comes attached to coupons for local merchants.  Then, register your card online to get even MORE discounts!