Birthday Information


Dear Parents,

         Birthdays are very special to our students, and we try to make your child’s birthday a special day in school too!  This year because of the increased amount of food allergies I have decided to have children share a sharpened pencil, stickers, or small toys, instead of sweet treats.  We welcome lemonade or juice boxes.  We also encourage you to send a favorite book to read to the class on your child's birthday.  We will continue to make your child’s day a special one and we feel the absence of sweet treats will not affect this. 

Summer birthdays are usually celebrated at the half.


        Parents, please be aware that we do not allow students to pass out birthday invitations at school.  We want to protect all students' feelings.   It could be very hurtful to students if some were invited and some were not.  Thank you for partnering with us at Baldwin on this rule.   :)



       We have 23 children in our class. 


Thank you,

Mrs. Halls