Some Good Second Grade Webpages:








Money Desk: Count out the exact amount of money.


Coin Slide

Telling Time to the Half Hour:


Stop the Clock


Time Concentration


Telling Time Practice:


Time Quiz:


Sum Sense:


 Dositey - great page with many appropriate first grade activities ie. time, beginning/ending sounds, word families. Check it out!


Number Time - fun math games to help with counting



Connect the Dots – games to enhance learning.  Print your own copy!


Starfall – reading website including phonics instruction and storybooks


Arthur – Arthur’s homepage.  Lots of fun activities!


Reading Rainbow – a new collection of games and activities


Kids Domain


AAA Math - Explains concepts and provides games.  Instant feedback and answers.


AAA Math Counting - Counting practice.



Give the Dog a Bone - Practice number grid patterns.


Grammer Quiz


Addition Magician


Subtraction Magician


Bridge Doubles


Math DoJo


Spacey Math:



Fraction Quizes


Fraction Flags


Connect Four


That's a Fact


Subtraction Bowling