Many parents have searched and found a ParentVUE app in the App Store and Android Market.  YES - these apps will work.

We purposefuly did not include the information about the apps with the activation letter.  Many times apps do not have the same level of functionality as websites and we have found a few key differences, therefore, we need parents to start with ParentVUE website.  

The app is a great day-to-day resource and once we get the school year kicked-off, we will be sending out details on using the app. 

If you are looking to get rolling sooner - here you go:  once you have completed your activation on the website and created your User Name and Password, you can install the app.  Upon first use, put in our district zip code 48307 and select Rochester Community Schools.  You will be asked if you have an activation key and would like to activate your account - say NO.  You have already completed your activation on the website.  Next, type in the user name and password that you selected on the website and login.  Please remember - you will NOT have access to bus and lunch info on the app.  

Note:  you can access ParentVUE on your mobile device using an app OR by using a browser and going to the website.  Remember - the website is where you will find bus and lunch information.