myRCS Login Screen

User Logins
User logins are provided in one of two ways:

1. New Parents/Guardians will receive login information via e-mail once they complete the enrollment process in the Office of Student Enrollment. E-mail Messages will be sent to the primary family e-mail address on file with the district.

2. By emailing myrcshelp@rochester.k12.mi.us to obtain a user ID/password. Please include parent names, student names, and the school and grade level of all students in the e-mail.

If a user knows their myRCS user ID but does not know their password, one can be obtained by clicking the link under "Reset Password" on the myRCS Login page and following the prompts.

Users are required to change their password at the time of first login. New passwords should contain a minimum of 6 characters. They should include numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and/or special characters (@,#,!, %). Passwords may not be the same as your login id.