Congratulations and thank you to the AHS Chamber Choir on their success at MSVMA District 16 Choral Festival upon receiving a Division I Excellent Rating (the highest rating possible, a 116/120, 2 perfect scores -including SR and it is the highest score that I can remember). Many comments we shared by the adjudicators including…to name a few.

Judge 1 (30/30) - flowing and artistic, sound was like honey - flowing and thick, nuanced, warm tone never forced

Judge 2 (29/30) - lovely tone, tone is stunning, the tone shimmers, Bravi, what a joy!, keep up the great work!

Judge 3 (27/30) - lovely singing, I am impressed.

SR - (30/30) - Good Reading, posture is good and you have a good systematic approach

Singing Highlanders, once again go beyond what is expected and achieve!