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Hello Parents and Guardians!

If you would like to speak with me and it is not an emergency please use my email: srobinson1@rochester.k12.mi.us.  This is the easiest way to reach me.  With an email from you I will know if we need to schedule an appointment or get you in to see me right away.  My office phone is: 248-726-5907 and Ms. Bogus the school secretary's number is: 248-726-5902. I'll do my best to return phone calls within 24 hours.

I look forward to working with you and your child,


Shelly Robinson
ACE High School
All grades/STW students

Transcript Requests:
Make an online request to have a copy of your transcript through Parchment Secure Transcript by clicking on the button below:

Request my Transcript - LogoClick on "Sign Up" to create a free account and have a credit card ready for payment.

For additional help, visit: http://support.parchment.com/link/portal/30029/30032/Article/12/Ordering-High-School-Transcripts

  • Allow 1-3 business days for requests to be processed.
  • Once a transcript has been sent, Parchment Secure Transcript will send you a confirmation email that your transcript was sent and again to confirm a college has received it.
  • You may also request a transcript be mailed. Confirmation is given that it was sent, but not that it was received.
  • ACE cannot fulfill requests to send ACT or SAT test scores to colleges. Request those directly from the testing agency, www.actstudent.org or www.satcollegeboard.org . 

Need Substance Abuse Help?

Program Information

The PACE program of the Oakland County Health Division's Office of Substance Abuse Services (OSAS) provides the first step to substance abuse treatment for Medicaid, low-income and under insured individuals. PACE offers confidential services for persons abusing or dependent on alcohol and/or other drugs. PACE screens individuals for detox, outpatient and residential substance abuse services, coordinates and funds treatment, continuing care services, and refer individuals to treatment programs. The amount of services for each level of care is based on individual client need and clinical justification.

Referrals and placement are available for the following types of service:

Detox - based on individual needResidential — 24 hours a day - length of time is based on individual needOP (Outpatient) —Scheduled by therapist per individual needs


Individuals meeting income criteriaProof of income, and/or a valid Medicaid card must be provided

Appropriateness PACE services are ancillary and therefore, do not have charge eligibility guidelines
No cost for the prior authorization at PACEClient's household income and ability to pay are used to determine co-pay amount.

Contact **For further information, call the PACE Unit at 248-858-5200 or the toll free number 1-888-350-0900 ext. 85200**