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Evaluation Process



At the beginning of each course students will be given a syllabus for each subject.  The teacher will discuss all aspects of the syllabus with students.  The syllabus will include:


Ø      Material that will be covered.

Ø      Testing styles and approximate dates for tests, and the weight that the testing will have on the overall grade.

Ø      Grading procedures which may include daily points for coming to class prepared, class participation and overall attitude.

Ø      Any necessary papers and/or projects and their due dates.

Ø      Any additional assignments.


Grades are available through myRCS on a daily basis. Report cards are available at the end of each quarter based upon the District Calendar. Please check the District Calendar and/or webpage for Parent/Teacher Conference(s) dates. 


It is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian to attend the Parent/Conferences that will occur approximately mid way through each quarter. Appointments to meet with the Principal, Counselor, and/or any of the Teaching Staff can be made by calling the ACE High School Secretary 248-726-5902.


The final grade will be calculated and available through myRCS.


Along with the final grade, student’s citizenship will also be assessed.  Citizenship is defined as a student’s attitude and actions within a classroom toward peers and staff.


Outstanding effort in the areas of Academics, Achievement, Attendance and Attitude will be recognized in the form of certificates that will enhance a student’s portfolio and assist them in earning level awards.