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Program Overview


ACE High School addresses the needs of students differently than a traditional school. ACE believes that size, staff, school-as-a-community, and flexibility are the foundations to student accomplishments.  The school's primary focus is on the development of fundamental educational skills that will enable the students to graduate and enter the community work force.  Secondary focuses include emotional stability and positive self-concept.  The ACE staff believes in a personal approach that creates a supportive, nurturing climate.  They recognize that they have the tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous (Gincot, Teacher and Child, 1972).  They strive for the latter. 


§        ACE can best be described as an alternative school that empowers teachers and students and personalizes teaching and learning. 
§        ACE can boast of being a well-designed school where students improve their grades and attendance and lessen the number of courses failed and disciplinary incidents.
§        Teachers have high expectations for their students.  While the ACE staff is willing to do remedial work with a student to catch them up to the level of other students, they always emphasize high quality learning.  Additional work may be required after school or in a study skills class to help students reach their potential
§        A sense of belonging is what makes students speak of ACE as a caring place and think of it as their family. 
§        The teacher-student relationship is probably the greatest difference between ACE and the traditional high school.  The staff spends much time working on student-to-student relationships. 
§        All ACE teachers are highly qualified and certified.
§        Students say it is nicer, less crowded, and more conducive to learning at ACE.  They feel they are able to learn better because of fewer distractions.     
§        ACE organizes their program around 10-week quarters that permit early and frequent success.
§        ACE has opportunities for students to earn work experience credit.