Rochester Adams Physical Education/Wellness and Hamlin Elementary PE !!!

Higgins Lake-My Summer Retreat!


Wellness 1 focuses on soccer, basketball, tennis, and fitness as activity components. Wellness 1 will also focus on health issues that teenagers will encounter and deal with for a life time.  Special speakers will come in and topics will be dicussed.  A primary goal is to make sure students have some set skill and knowledge of understanding towards the above activities and health related topics.


Wellness 2 will expand on topics of health issues and look at team sports, aerobic fitness. Students have options in Wellness 2 and can have a more specific look at certain fitness related topics as mentioned above.


Health- 20 wk course. An in-depth look at todays health concerns amoung teenagers and our society as a whole. Using the Michigan Model, we will study various topics and have guest speakers with expertise in certain fields discuss trends and current health issues.


K-2nd Grade - The development of gross and fine motor skills that are established in lead up games and activites.


The Aerobics Class on our Starbucks Aerobic Walk!  Take a look at the poster - we enjoyed the fresh air and refreshment on our2 mile walk.


Aerobics Starbucks 2018 Poster - Copy

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Wellness 1 National; Guard Visit-  Thanks for the service to our country and the fitness demonstration to our students!!



Go Highlanders!! Go Hawks!!


Mr. Picot


First Semester Hour Second Semester
Wellness 1 1st Hr. Wellness 2
Wellness 1 2nd Hr. Wellness 2
Aerobics 3rd Hr. Team Sports
Travel/ Confernce/Lunch 4th Hr. Travel/Conference/Lunch
Hamlin Elementary 5th Hr. Hamlin Elementary
PM Classes 6th Hr. PM Classes


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