Wellness For A Lifetime!!

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Welcome to the Wellness Department!!!  Wellness I, Wellness II, Health and Physical Education elective courses are classes that can be used to meet graduation requirements for the Rochester Community Schools. Wellness I is an entry level class and is recommended for freshmen or sophomores. Wellness II is the follow up class and is recommended to be taken after the successful completion of Wellness I. The Wellness II class comes with the option of taking it with an aerobics, personal fitness or team sports emphasis. Both classes are semester classes and it is acceptable to take them in the same school year. The Wellness Classes are comprised of both activity and classroom units. Health is a one semester class designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about issues dealing with their own personal health and fitness in the classroom setting. Health education involves improving or maintaining positive health behaviors and reducing health risk behaviors. The school also offers an assortment of Physical Education Elective Classes. These are activity classes with no classroom component Students should speak with an academic counselor when determining their schedule.

SEMESTER 1                                                                               SEMESTER 2

Hour 1: Conference                                                                     Hour 1: Conferencecoach photo

Hour 2: Health                                                                             Hour 2: Health

Hour 3: Health                                                                             Hour 3: Health

Hour 4: Team Sports                                                                  Hour 4: Health

Hour 5: Personal Fitness/Agility                                               Hour 5: Health

Hour 6: Health                                                                             Hour 6: Wellness 2/Aerobics

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