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Questions to Ask College Reps


 The following questions may be helpful in your college search.  You can use this list as a guide or create your own list from these questions.   


Admission Questions

-          What are your admission requirements?

-          What is your average GPA and ACT/SAT scores?

-          What are your acceptable ranges for a GPA and ACT/SAT scores?

-          What are your course requirements?  Do you require a foreign language and if so how many years?

-          What are your deadlines?

-          Do you require letters of recommendation?  If so, how many and from who?

-          If letters of recommendation are not required are they read as part of the application?

-          Is there an essay that is required?  What are you looking for in an essay?

-          Do you have other requirements?  SAT II tests? An ACT or SAT writing sample?


Academic Questions

-          Is the college public or private?

-          What is the average class size and what is the student-to-faculty ratio?

-          Do professors teach undergraduate courses, or do you use teaching assistants?

-          Do you have lecture halls and what is your largest lecture hall or class size?

-          Will I graduate in four years?

-          What type of academic calendar do you use?  (Examples: semesters, trimesters, January/May terms, quarters)

-          Are faculty members easy to reach outside of class?

-          Do you accept AP credit and where can I get a list of the AP credit that is accepted?

-          Are there undergraduate research opportunities available to me?

-          What are some of your strongest academic programs?

-          What percent of students attend graduate or professional school?

-          Is there a Honors Program and if so what are the requirements?

-          Do you have my interested areas of study?

-          What types of programs are in place for undecided majors?

-          What types of tutoring services are available and are they free?

-          What types of academic, counseling, and career services are available to me?

-          What types of services are available through your career placement center?


  Student Body

-          What is your undergraduate enrollment? 

-          Do you have graduate programs?  What is your graduate enrollment?

-          What is the male/female ratio? 

-          What is the diversity like on campus?  Cultural, religious, geographic, etc?

-          What do students do for fun?

-          Do most students stay on campus on the weekends?

-          Do you have the extra-curricular activities that I am interested in?

-          What is the school spirit like on campus?

-          Is there a Greek system?  Is there a significant “Greek presence” on campus?

-          What are some of the most popular student activities on campus?

-          What percentage of students complete internships?  What are some of your internship opportunities?

-          What percentage of students study aboard and where? 

-          What percentage of the students live on campus and what percentage commute?

-          What are retention and graduation rates?



-          Where is the campus located?

-          What is the setting like- rural, suburban, urban?

-          How far away is the campus?

-          How easy is it to get home and which means of transportation is best?

-          What is the campus atmosphere on a daily basis?

-          What types of housing are available?

-          Is the campus compact or spread out?  How long does it take to walk from one side of campus to the other?  Is there a bus system?

-          What are some special features of the campus?

-          How can I schedule a visit to your campus?

-          What types of jobs are available on campus?

-          What are the classroom, housing, theater, athletic, library, lab facilities like on campus?  (Be sure to ask about what you are interested in)

-          What computer and other specialized facilities are available for student use?

-          What does the community or area have to offer where the campus is located?

-          Safety- How safe is the campus?  What programs are put into place?


Financial Aid

-          What is the total cost for one year at your institution?

-          Do you have a fixed tuition rate?

-          What types of scholarships and financial aid are available?

-          Do you require additional forms with the FAFSA for financial aid?  (Examples: the CSS Profile, or a college’s own institutional form for financial aid)

-          What percent of students receive some form of financial aid?

-          What is the average loan package?

-          How do I go about applying for scholarships to your school?