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General Information

This booklet of high school course descriptions has been compiled as an aid to students and parents in selecting a high school course of study. Actual school programs and schedules of classes should be made in consideration of each student's academic background, interests, aptitudes and aspirations. Final decisions should involve student, parent, counselor and teacher.

These descriptions are not intended to be complete listings of the specific objectives of each course. More complete information, including specific terminal performance and course objectives, is available from individual teachers and departments.

The general education courses described herein are approved or are scheduled for Board of Education approval during the current school year.

Courses listed as 1 credit (40 weeks) are full year courses.

Courses listed as 1/2 credit (20 weeks) are semester courses.

When choosing courses, check the page outlining graduation requirements in the Registration Brochure carefully. Each student is responsible for selecting courses which will meet these requirements. Questions regarding course selections should be directed to the appropriate counselor. When selecting courses, attention should be paid to the prerequisites and eligible grade levels for each course.

Volume XXXII


Revised:  January 2018

Online Version Updated:  January 2018