The Kroger Community Rewards Program is a great way to support the Adams PTSA. Last school year, Adams PTSA received approximately $2000 in Community Rewards money, and have earned $1,180 so far this year thanks to those families who registered their Kroger Plus cards. It’s EASY to sign up, just follow the steps below. (Good News: If you are currently a member, you DO NOT need to re-enroll as in previous years. This way you can continue supporting Adams PTSA).

 Go to and click “sign-in” or “register” as a new customer (if you have a Kroger card but have not signed up for an on-line account yet).

 Follow the instructions and enter our code 90471, and/or our name, Rochester Adams PTSA.

 If you are setting up a new account you will receive an e-mail where you will confirm your enrollment.

That’s it!!! A couple of easy steps and the PTSA can begin earning money on all your Kroger purchases. Please note that this will not affect your personal savings, rewards, or gas points in any way. If you have any questions please contact Laurie Morris at