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student using stylus on computer
student actor holding up flag and cup in hand
two young students using materials to build a roller coaster
student with stylus in hand drawing on computer
student using technology
FEDS201 and Adambots Team 245 at FIRST Robotics World Championship

We are proud to offer a quality education in a caring atmosphere where all students can attain the necessary skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners and contribute to a diverse, interdependent and changing world.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is the process of acquiring global competencies or lifelong skills such as character, citizenship, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Through this approach, we emphasize student-centered, inquiry-based learning, which challenges students to think critically and creatively, to collaborate with others, and to communicate their ideas effectively. Deep learning encourages students to explore their interests, to ask questions, and to develop a deep understanding of our interdependent and changing world.

Global Competenices

Elements of Learning Design

Deep Learning Stories

student holding 3D design of roman colosseum

Students worked to bring ancient architectural marvels to life and deepen their understanding of the influence Rome had on other civilizations. 

West chicken tenders holding chickens

Sunny, Padro, Sausage, Toast, Cheerio, Peep and Toes may seem like strange names to be showcased on T Shirts at a local Middle School.  But these beloved names belong to the school’s famous chickens that reside in the courtyard and keep the hearts, learning and passion of students front and center at all times.

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