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Trade Schools


RCS partners with Oakland Schools Technical Campus to allow high school students of good academic standings to start earning a degree for a trade. While taking courses at OSTC you will continue your education for half a day at your high school to earn the credits necessary to graduate. This program is known as Oakland Technical Early College Program(OTEC).

Programs Not listed in the chart:

-Criminal Justice
-Automotive Technologies
-Construction Technology
-Culinary Art/Hospitality
-Agriscience and Environmental Technologies
-Energy-electrical Technology
-Medium Heavy truck and Equipment

How to apply:

Talk to your counselor your sophomore to see if it's a good fit 

*This program is only for upcoming juniors and seniors
*You must talk to your counselor PRIOR to junior year beginning

First page of the PDF file: OSTCPrograms

OTEC Students on Channel 7

26 second-year students built a 1,368 square foot house that was moved from OTEC to it's permanent location about a half mile away. These students worked very hard and used the skills they learned during their time at OTEC. Eight students of the 26 are from Rochester Community Schools;  Michael Ackerman, Jake Wilks, Mackay Mahrle, Juan Roldan Gonzalez, Pedro Rivera, Brody Maust, Robert Olechowski, and Ryan Rope. Well done all involved.

*Read more on Channel 7.


Trade Schools Near Rochester

*These are just some of the options that are local, but there are many more options