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Further Education(Credit)

RCS has partnered with a few colleges to allow for students to apply for college credit for classes that are not Advanced Placement courses. 

Baker College

Baker College provides a series of courses that RCS High School students can apply for credit after taking the course at their school. The list of classes for credit is quite small:

Business, Management & Administration:
- Introduction to Business

-Principles of Accounting I
- Principles of Accounting II

Marketing, Sales & Service, Marketing & Entrepreneurship:
- Principles of Marketing
- Introduction to Entrepreneurship


How to apply:

*You must have applied to Baker and paid the application fee prior to submitting this application

Use this form:

Baker College Application for Articulation

baker college

Oakland Community College

OCC and Rochester Community Schools have created an agreement to allow students to gain college credit for these courses:

Introduction to CAD:
- Engineering I
- Mechanical Drafting I
- Architecture 1 (AND) Architecture 2
- Engineering 5 (AND) Engineering 6

Web Design:
- Computer Operations in Business
- Web Development and Social Media

How to apply:

*You must have applied to OCC in order to receive credit for these classes

Follow this link and fill out the form:
Request High School Articulated Credit


Ferris State University 

Ferris State offers articulation credits from secondary classes for the following transfers:

Introduction to Business:
- Business Administration, Management, & Operations

Principles of Accounting:
- Accounting 1
- Accounting 2
- Accounting 3
- Accounting 4

Marketing Elective:
- Marketing
- Advanced Marketing
- Merchandising Lab/Store

Computer Programming/Programmer:
- Programming 1
- Programming 2

*More CTE classes may count for credit, but you may have to contact Ferris State University to clarify



How to apply:

*Must be applied to Ferris before applying for credit

Follow this link for more information/application:

Ferris State Articulation Agreement Information

Ferris State Articulated Credit Application

ferris state university