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Plumbers Local 98- MCA Detroit

There are 28 spots per cohort. It’s a 5 year commitment but $75,000 investment in you. You leave the program with multiple stakeable credentials and an associates degree.

HOw to become a member:

-Go to the website linked above where it says "MCA Detroit"
-Click "Potential Members"
-Fill out the Online Registration Form and submit!

HOw to apply:

-Go to their website linked above
-Click "Apprenticeships"
-The page provides all the information on requirements and applications      based on what type of trade you are pursuing.


Sheetmetal Local 80- SMW

There are 50 spots per cohort. It’s a 5 year training program and a non compete commitment for 10 years after. Learn how to be a craftsman in a High tech industry, learn 3D modeling, welding and more.

How to apply:

-Call the Local 80 Training Center at (586) 979-5190 to set up an appointment to apply

More information:

-Go to the link provided where it says "SMW"
-Scroll down and you will find information on the program and how to apply.


Electrical Local 68- Detroit EITC

It’s a 5 year $20,000 scholarship training program with a additional 5 year commitment. Huge benefits high yield wages, health care, pension, retirement at 55. Get to work on huge metro Detroit projects or become an entrepreneur, you choose.

HOW to create an account:

-Go to the link provided above where it says "Detroit EITC"
-Click "Account Login" in the top right corner
-Click "Create Account"

How to apply:

-Go to the link provided above
-At the top of the page there is a tab called "Apprenticeships," hover over      and click on "how to apply"  


Brose is a business that specializes in Mechatronics and offers apprenticeship opportunities to local students who apply. Brose also sponsors robotics teams, so if you are on one of the teams they sponsor, it could benefit your chances of being an apprentice. 

What is it? 

They have multiple programs, but the ones in Michigan are 3 years long and take place in New Boston, Michigan. The programs you can follow are, Mechatronics Technician or CNC Technician. They also partner with Henry Ford Community College. Brose's apprenticeship can help you gain an associates degree, DOL Journeyman's Card and IHK Mechatronics Certificate. They pay for your books and tuition, provide at $200 Weekly school stipend and provide hourly wage for hours worked at Brose and a wage match for existing employees. 

How can i apply?

Follow this link: Brose