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Career Readiness and Development K-12

Career Readiness Mission Statement

At Rochester Community Schools, we are committed to empowering our students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to navigate their future career paths confidently. We believe that career readiness is not a destination but an ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth that begins from a young age and continues through adulthood.

Our mission is to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century job market. This journey begins in elementary school where we aim to inspire our students with the boundless possibilities their futures hold. In middle school, we provide resources and guidance to explore various career paths and industries. High school is the stage of integration where we help students understand the connections between their academic experiences and potential career opportunities.

We foster in our students a sense of purpose, and help them carve a path that aligns their skills, interests, and values with their professional aspirations.

Career Readiness Framework

Xello - Creating Successful Futures

Our students are provided with access to Xello, a comprehensive career and education planning tool. Through Xello, our students can:
  • Undertake self-awareness assessments to understand their interests, strengths, and values better.
  • Utilize career and skill matching tools to explore potential career pathways.
  • Engage in career awareness and exploration activities.
  • Access educational planning information for various careers.
  • Document their goals and plans for reference and reflection.
  • Participate in lessons on career and life skills.
  • Build their resumes using professional tools.
Students can access Xello using their RCS email, ensuring they have the resources needed to plan for their future at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.
At Rochester Community Schools, we believe that our students' future success starts today, and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way on their journey towards a fulfilling career.
Students working with indi robot and coding.

Elementary Career Readiness

Students K-5 Xello goals, summarize the six career pathways of focus 

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CTE Secondary Overview

Secondary Career Readiness

Find our job board for students, Xello goals, programs of study and information on Pathful Connect.  

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Teachers engaging in learning partnerships with Rochester Hills Public Library

Career Readiness Resources for RCS Staff

Find resources for teachers to checkout innovative technology, and support through career readiness. 

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RCS Career Readiness in Action - Feeds

Teachers engaging in learning partnerships with Rochester Hills Public Library
Student on STEMi working with drawing in 3D
Student on STEMi working with AR glasses.
Career Readiness bulletin board titled %22How will you play the game of life?%22
RCS CTE director and student with chicken.
Students building a foam rollercoaster for Challenge Island.
Students working with indi robot and coding.
First grade students coding indi robots.
Challenge Island presenting to students.
Students at Hart working on Challenge Island Roller Coaster
Students working on STEMi 3D design and modeling.

Career & Job Outlook Resources

Career Readiness Team

Director of Career Readiness, CTE, and CFE

Career Consultant

Rachel Mainero
Instructional Technology Specialist