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Career Readiness and Development K-12

Welcome to the RCS Career Readiness and Development K-12

Career Readiness Philosophy and Mission: We believe knowing oneself, through exploration of our skills, talents, and interests, can lead to believing and understanding our options, our systems and our ability to adjust; to know that we belong, are needed and have worth to a larger system.  This, we believe, ties directly into our social, emotional health.  If we seek our purpose, we feel purpose.  We want to empower people to impact our community positively.  Discovery can be a transformative power.  “Have hope, change circumstances and recognize how much all of our contributions matter to society at large.”  We also know our young people will need to be more flexible, adaptable and committed to lifelong learning as technology changes, new jobs are developed and systems change.  It is a combination of discovery and skills:  academic, employability and technical/job specific. 

text reads choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Educational Development Planning(EDP)

Career planning and development takes time and intention. You need to provide yourself time to explore, research and reflect on careers and planning for your future in order to make informed decisions around these topics. Our hope is that one day you will be able to identify careers that will match your passions, interests, skills and personality. It will be an amazing attainment for you when down the road you are working in a career that brings you satisfaction and a sense of purpose.  These are valuable and important concepts, so Oakland Schools and the state of MI require that each year all students have an opportunity to develop and update their EDP which stands for educational development plan. Xello is a great platform for career and post high school planning because it includes so many useful tools, resources and information to help you learn about yourself and your options which will support the decisions you make about your future. We encourage you to use and access Xello more than once a year with us so you can get some research and planning going. 

RCS students use and have access to the comprehensive career and education planning program Xello. Xello provides our students:

  • Self awareness assessments
  • Career and skills matching tools
  • Educational planning information
  • Career awareness & exploration
  • Resume building tool
  • Career and life skills lessons
  • Documenting goals & plans

Student Access to Xello: Click this link to access Xello and use your RCS gmail to connect to Xello.

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text reads it's a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together

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