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Credit by Exam

The link to access study materials for Credit by Exam, Spring 2024, becomes active on April 12th.  Please click the button below.  

Credit by Exam Study Information

Testing Location:
Adams High School (entrance is off of Tienken Rd.)
Testing Dates and Times:   
Saturday, April 27th (Registration at 8:30 am, Testing begins at 9:00 am):     Math, Language Arts, PE
Wednesday, May 1st (Registration at 3:00 pm, Testing begins at 3:30 pm):   Science, Social Studies, Elective Courses, Health
The testing window for semester-long courses is 90 minutes.  The testing window for yearlong courses is 3 hours. 
Study materials for the Spring, 2024 Credit by Exam opportunity will be posted here on April 12th.  Note:  Exam for Credit measures a student's current understanding of a course's curriculum prior to taking the course.  The material and resources provided will not be all-inclusive of the specific exam questions.                                                                                                                         


What is Credit by Exam?

The credit by Exam measures a student’s current understanding of a course’s curriculum prior to taking the course.  The material and resources provided will not be all inclusive of the specific exam questions.

Rochester Community Schools establishes semi-annual dates for implementing the District's Credit by Exam procedures.  Students who wish to take an exam for credit are required to adhere to the schedule outlined by the district.

Important Note:  The Credit by Exam opportunity involves multiple staff members at an additional cost to the district.  By law, these costs cannot be passed on to students.  It is imperative that students who register but, subsequently, choose not to participate in an exam notify the Curriculum Department at least one week prior to the exam. Your cooperation in this will save time and valuable school resources and is much appreciated.  Students who register and do not attend the exam may not be eligible to participate in future Credit by Exam opportunities.

If you have questions about Credit By Exam, please contact the assistant principal at the high school your child attends or will attend for high school (see below). You may also contact Neil DeLuca, Executive Director of Secondary Education, who oversees the Credit by Exam process.   


Susan Demeniuk - AHS

Dan Amore - RHS Beth Tocco - SCHS
248-726-5217 248-726-5416 248-726-5716




Information on Michigan Merit Curriculum Law

The term “exam”  refers to the assessment tool(s) used to measure the student’s understanding of the subject area content expectations or guidelines that apply to the credit.  The appropriate Rochester Community Schools staff will determine assessment tools.

The information below is to provide consistent, equitable guidelines for Rochester secondary schools to comply with the State mandates, rules and regulations, specifically with regard to the Testing Out legislation (P.A. 451 of 1976, Section 380.1279b and Revised School Code, Section 380.1278a)

  • 380.1279(b) The board of a school district shall grant high school credit in any course to a pupil enrolled in high school, but who is not enrolled in the course, who has exhibited a reasonable level of mastery of the subject matter of the course by attaining a grade of not less than C+ in a final exam in the course, or, if there is no final exam, by exhibiting that mastery through the basic assessment used in the course which may consist of a portfolio, performance, paper, project, or presentation. For the purpose of earning credit under this section, any high school pupil may take the final examination in any course. Credit earned under this section shall be based on a “pass” grade and shall not be included in a computation of grade point average for any purpose. Credit earned under this section may or may not be counted toward graduation, as the board of the school district may determine, but the board's determination shall apply equally to all such credit for all pupils and credit earned under this section shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area course and shall be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement as to course sequence. Once credit is earned under this section, a pupil may not receive credit thereafter for a course lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area. (1993)
  • 380.1278(a)(4)(c) A school district or public school academy shall also grant a student a credit if the student earns a qualifying score, as determined by the department, on the assessments developed or selected for the subject area by the department or the student earns a qualifying score, as determined by the school district or public school academy, on 1 or more assessments developed or selected by the school district or public school academy that measure a student’s understanding of the subject area content expectations or guidelines that apply to the credit. (2007)


The Credit by Exam process applies equally to all students currently enrolled in Rochester Community Schools. Students scheduled to take a high school level course during the following semester and students currently enrolled in private or parochial schools who are registered to enter a Rochester Community Schools’ high school or middle school qualify for Credit by Exam. Credit by Exam pertains to high school courses only. Students who meet the eligibility requirement will be permitted to test out of a class for credit during the designated test period.

NOTE:  Students will be welcome to take an Credit by Exam in World Language at the end of their 8th grade year.  Testing for current 7th graders is limited to students currently enrolled in Accelerated Math 7 who would like to test out of Algebra 1.

Some courses require group participation; these are therefore exempt from Credit by Exam.