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RCS Advanced Placement Program

About the Advanced Placement Program:

AP is short for "Advanced Placement" and is given to collegiate-level courses taught at high schools nationwide. The AP program is developed and overseen by the College Board, the non-profit organization that also administers the SAT testing program. Each AP course has a standardized curriculum to ensure that all students have access to the same content.

AP Exams:

Every student who takes an AP course has the opportunity to take that course's AP exam on the designated school day in May. The AP exam is scored on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. A passing score is considered to be a 3 or higher. Some colleges and universities award college credit for certain AP test scores and will have specific requirements: refer to the AP Scores tab for more information.

For this year's testing dates, please click on the AP Exam Administration tab.


Additional benefits for students who take AP level courses include developing college-level academic skills, study habits, and self-discipline. College admissions offices look at applicants to determine future success and successfully completing AP classes often indicates that a student is ready for collegiate-level coursework.

Courses at RCS:

Rochester Schools offers 24 Advanced Placement courses. When considering taking an AP course, students must be sure they meet the prerequisite requirements for the course as outlined in the Course Description Book. They should also consult with teachers and counselors.